1. Consultancy
  2. Trainings
  3. Research Support Services
  4. Lab services
LIRE is involved in various local environmental, energy and climate change projects for private companies/organizations, international donors and INGOs. Organizations may contract LIRE for consultancy services as well as:
  • Socio-economic analysis
  • Field and market surveys
  • Environmental, economic, social and health impact assessment
  • Sector policy review
  • Stakeholder mapping analysis
LIRE is composed of national and foreign experts who are able to liaise with local public and private organizations and authorities.

Thanks to its field experience and mix Lao-foreigner team, LIRE provides training and capacity strengthening on installation and maintenance of renewable energy technology solution (anaerobic digestion, pico hydropower, biofuel, biogas) and survey techniques for different public (rural communities, local authorities, students).

LIRE can design and implement training initiatives and conduct awareness campaigns for partners with adapted bilingual communication materials (English, Lao).

Since its beginning, LIRE has long been conducting research development on energy technology and innovative solutions. Over the last decade, LIRE has explored, developed and implemented various innovative technologies.

Thanks to its engineer team, LIRE can coordinate research activities and offer expert technical support to renewable and efficiency energy technology pilot demonstration projects adapted to the lao market/context.

Since 2013, LIRE has been equipped with a laboratory that can offer analytical services:

Water quality: bromine, fluoride, cyanure acid, nitrate, ozone, pH, phosphate etc.
Anaerobic digestion: substrate testing : yield, biogas quality, duration etc.
Cookstove efficiency: water boiling test
Clay testing: mechanical properties (porosity, mechanical strength, sintering temperature etc.